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Everything I Made In 2023
December 31, 2023

2023 is over! I made a lot of stuff and compiled it all here. A LOT of this is 1-2 day prototypes that never turned into anything. Get ready to see the same blue checkerboard and purple walls a lot hehe.

Everything is ordered roughly by when they were made.

P.S. I also made a list reviewing every game I've played this year. You can read it here.


Fish Game

Made this when I was learning how to write shaders. Was never really intended to go anywhere, but its still cool.


Shell Physics Test

A little custom physics test with shells. I like how they pile up! I plan to use this in a project in the future.

Explosion VFX

VFX Animation practice! Wanted to make an explosion effect that i could use in other games. You'll see it in a few other projects... including Solarkid where its really hard to find because i balanced the game poorly.


gOnner Idea With Frogrammer

Made for a game jam with Frogrammer but we ended up not finishing it. Frog continued the project a little more. You can see that here

Godot PSX Shader

Made this when I wanted to try learning Godot. That is a whole other story (I don't really like godot) Making this shader was a nice challenge.

Wall Stabbing Platformer

I wish I could do something more with this because i love the style and the mechanics, but the controls are just too klunky to be fun :(

Top Down Horror Game Take 1

An iteration of a horror game i've wanted to make for a long time. I'm a sucker for top down games with raycasting.


Explosion Barrels

This was an idea I had deep into my spelunky obsession. I wanted to make a roguelike similar to it... that didn't go far.

Catbeats 2

This one released! Its a silly music app I made for my friends to use. Its a sequel to a program I made last year called catbeats 1. Im pretty proud of this one.


Addrop also released! I'm so proud of this game. I still cant believe that I only made it in 3 hours. Like how on earth did I polish it this much.

RTS Game

Started this when a friend challenged me to make a good RTS game. Turns out that I am bad at making good RTS games! I like the animation on the troops and trees.



Not much to say about this! I made it in an hour as a love letter thing to the game ZK. Its just okay. Thats a lie... I hate it

Parcel Punisher

This game won me first place for fun in ludum dare!!! I am in love with this visual style and gameplay of this game. Honestly its the perfect game for me. I love hotline miami and this is just everything i love about that game + a bit more.

Juicy VFX

A little particle test thats been lost to time... I accidentally deleted the project files :p

Silly Platformer Sketch

Just a platformer idea i made before bed. Never intended it to go anywhere, but the movement is really fun. Maybe it'll be something one day...


Faith Clone

I played FAITH and I wanted to make FAITH. FAITH is a good game. You should also play FAITH.


Midnight Hotswap Turbo

This is my favorite game i've released this year. One of my only games that I actually play and enjoy. Something about it is just so fun :-) If you're only going to play 1 thing ive ever made, play this.

Game With Plant

A small game i was making with 🌱🌿🌲aka Jakeyouh. It never went anywhere :(

Computer Desktop

Made this as a clone of Adam Pype's computer desktop game. Mostly to challenge myself! I'm really proud of it.


Rad Rabbit Mad Dash

This game is just lovely. The vibes are great and so is the music (thanks james!) lowresjam was one of the first jams ive finished that isnt 2-3 days. It was waaaay too long. I took a camping trip to Yosemite during the jam and still finished.

Drill Sketch

Another evening prototype I made for maybe the brakeys jam, but didnt finish it because i didnt want to!


Random Golf

Made this as warmup for ludum dare! Randomly generated golf. Its not very good tho.

Car Building Game

I worked on this for a bit but it became super complicated and bloated. Ill probably finish it someday... someday.......

Ludum Dare First Idea

This was my original prototype for Ludum Dare. the theme was "Limited Space" and the idea was that you would combine elements to make humans and a civilization in "Limited Space" It was NOT fun!!!

Solarkid Sacrifice

This game is weird... A lot of people liked it, but personally i dont. I did a bad job at balancing it so you end up never seeing the fun weapons. Did you know that there is a bomb plant? Yeah! You never see it.


Crow Hill

Released this one on halloween. Not much to say about it! Cool game.


Softbody Suika

I was originally going to release this for money, but for a lot of reasons, I decided not to. I also lost interest with it because the genre felt like a very fleeting trend. Overall i'm glad I didnt finish this one.

Ray Reflection

This was just me learning how laser reflection works.

Remix Jam

Made for Frogrammer's Remix Jam with Keboppel. I wasn't able to finish it because of family stuff.

Top Down Horror Game Take 2

Another iteration of the horror game from earlier. I'm still actively working on it... Maybe youll see something from it soon......... or not!

Paradise Blitz V

Originally this started out as a project for paradise blitz, but it became pretty big. I really like this idea, but I dont really have time to finish it up right now :(


Ship Game

Made for the Paradise Secret Santa. It was NOT fun!!! Glad i pivoted the idea haha.

Puzzlebox Platformer

Made for the confounding calendar. My first real attempt at making a sokabon puzzle. Super challenging to make, but really rewarding to finish. Puzzle is not spoiled in the gif!

Wyrm Climb

Made for WAPORWAVE!!! Merry Christmas! Making this was an eye opening experience that I will not elaborate! Alex if you're reading this, you might know.

Thats it! We made it through 2023. Heres to making lots more games! and heres to maybe even finishing some of them. Thank you for reading. Your support is the coolest. Happy new year!!!