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February Roundup 2024.. Wait Its March?
March 2, 2024

I better write this roundup before February ends.. wait what? Its March 2nd? Whoops.
Well anyway heres what I made last month.

I did very little this month on account of being sick, but I did get a game out:

Door Kicker Deluxe!!!!
Play It Now!

A little Canibalt clone with guns. It didnt turn out as fun as I wanted it to so I scrapped it.

Breach Game Prototype

This was my original idea for my Brackey's Game Jam game. You were going to breach rooms and knock people out of windows. It wasnt fun tho.

Bouncyball Platformer

Idk what this is. Kinda fun though!

I think thats it I'll see you next (this???) month!