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January Roundup 2024
January 31, 2024

First month of 2024! This month I didnt do much.

Heres what I did do tho:

File System Game:

Didnt really know what I wanted this to become, but i'm really proud of how stylish it is. It also can function as a file browser and read .txt files!

Box Kicker:

Made this in like 15 minutes because I was feeling burnt out. Not very interesting.

Snake Game:

Snake game with rotational sprites! Super modular and also not every interesting.


This is just regular minesweeper. I made this because I wanted to play minesweeper but didn't have internet (I still dont at the time of writing).

Darkwood Hunter:

January's game! Made in 8 hours. I'm really proud of the aiming system. I wanted to replicated 3d "aiming down sights" in 2d and think I nailed it. Play it and tell me what you think.