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Thoughts on Mario Wonder
October 24, 2023

Mario Wonder is probably the most fun I've had playing a game recently. Every corner of the game and every single animation shows you how much the developers cared about the game.

There is so much detail in every little tiny thing. Your character reacts to a koopa popping out of its shell, a goomba gets scared when it narrowly dodges a fireball and koopas do a little pose when they bump into eacother.

All of this is without even mentioning the wonder flowers. The sheer variety and creativity that was on display in each of the segments was insanely impressive. Anytime I tried to predict what the wonder flower would cause, the game threw the curviest curveball I've ever seen.

Mario Wonder is the perfect case study for why you should give your devs resources and time to make a good game. The devs took their time planning, designing and caring about every single corner of this game and it paid off. Mario wonder is the most playful, fun, innovative and captivating game I've ever ever ever played.