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Sirmilkman's November Roundup
November 30, 2023

Been writing these roundups personally for about 4 months, but thought it would be nice to store them here from now on! Essentially this is a list of everything I've made and what they might become.

Softbody Suika Game:
First thing I worked on is a softbody suika game idea. Still working on this actively.

Horror Game:
Worked on this at the beginning of the month. Put it on the backburner because its larger than I have time to make right now.

Been trying to get better at pixel art this month! Here are some tiny game mockups I've made.

Laser Refection:
This one was just a fun test! Made it in a few hours. Probably not going anywhere tho... maybe a golf game... maybe.. no! not now!

Paradise Blitz V:
Originally this started out as a project for paradise blitz, but it became pretty big. I really like this idea, but I dont really have time to finish it up right now :(

Remix Jam:
Made a prototype for Frogrammer's Remix Jam before I had to step away because of irl stuff. Oh well!

Learning Blender:
Finally, I've started to learn blender! Its honestly a really fun program. Heres a little render I made.

That it!
See you next month!